How to take care of the hydraulic system?

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The hydraulic system plays an important role if we are talking about the life and performance of a particular machine. The main device without which the hydraulic system does not exist is the hydraulic pump.

What can you do to protect your pump from possible failure ?

First of all, the right selection of the pump . The selection should take into account, among other things, such parameters as nominal working pressure and volumetric volume of the pump. Fortunately, this issue has been taken care of by manufacturers, and we only need to know the model of the machine for which we need it when buying a hydraulic pump.

Second, the use of appropriate oils and filters, changing them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, and checking the oil level daily so that it is not too low.

Thirdly, bleeding the pump, which must be remembered in several circumstances:

  • when starting the machine
  • after changing the pump or oil
  • after prolonged machine downtime

This activity is particularly important, as failure to do so can lead to so-called cavitation, i.e. the accumulation of air bubbles in the oil.

Last but not least, check the tightness of components to prevent the entry of contaminants. With prolonged use, they can cause cavities in the surface of the pump.

Following the above-mentioned recommendations will result in virtually trouble-free operation of your hydraulic pump.