Transport of forestry machine

Got a job in a new place? Have you sold the machine and need to deliver it to the new owner?

Below we explain where to start.

The first step is to choose a shipping company that will organize the appropriate transport. To make it possible, it is best to send the full specification of the machine. Based on the given parameters, the company can choose the appropriate means of transport in terms of size, number of axles of the set or a special semi-trailer. The place of loading and unloading is also important to determine the approximate time of the entire operation and to plan the routes taking into account potential restrictions. When deciding on a specific carrier, we should verify whether it has a valid third party liability insurance and so-called transport insurance. OCP.

In the case of forest machines, the journey is carried out using a low loader transport. The most commonly used semi-trailers are Tiefbett or Semi.

The first model is used for the transport of machines with a height of more than 3.2 m due to the recessed loading deck, thanks to which the loading does not exceed the maximum permissible height.

Semi-type, on the other hand, allow you to extend and widen the loading platform and are usually equipped with hydraulically lowered ramps that facilitate loading.

Acceptable vehicle parameters in Poland:

  • maximum permissible weight – with a standard set consisting of a truck tractor (2 or 3 axles) and a three-axle semi-trailer, the maximum value is 40 tons
  • maximum permissible height – the height of the vehicle with the load must not exceed 4m
  • maximum permissible vehicle width – 2.55 m
  • maximum permissible length – in the case of a motor vehicle coupled to a semi-trailer, the length must not exceed 16.5 m
  • maximum permissible load on the drive axle – 11.5 tons, except for roads with such a ban

If the vehicle exceeds the permissible values, it becomes a non-standard vehicle and requires additional permits. In our country, there are 5 categories available, which are conditioned by the road on which the transport will travel and the parameters of the vehicle. Permits are issued in response to an application submitted by a specific carrier.

Importantly, road regulations for transport in each country are different. The above describes the standards applicable in Poland. If you are transporting across borders, be sure to read the regulations to avoid fines.

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